TPSC Officers and Committee Heads

Commodore: Steve Brown
Vice Commodore: Ilja Brslica
Treasurer: Vlad Nicolayeff
Secretary: David Benson

Director at Large: Maynard Herting
Director at Large: Ronald Petzoldt
Past Commodore: Fred MacDougall

Chief of Racing: Fred MacDougall
Chief of Instruction: Fred MacDougall
Maintenance Chairman: Ilja Brslica
Maintenance Committee: Martin Brickson
Maintenance Committee: Erich Hoffman
Maintenance Committee:

Social Chairman: Lorie Long
Reservations Chairman: Dan Kellman
Website Manager: Ronald Petzoldt

Boat Captains

Dependent: Vlad Nicolayeff
Sea Avenger: Maynard Herting
Newport: Martin Brickson and Pete Politzer
Paper Pusher 47: Chip Yang
639: Mike Hoppe
565: Erich Hoffmann
641: Justin Stricula